Arranging Plants That Each Play Their Part in a Beautiful Symphony for a Hoboken, NJ Home

Arranging Plants That Each Play Their Part in a Beautiful Symphony for a Hoboken, NJ Home

Aug 20, 2020

Our mission, when we started Naturalist, was just what the name implies, to bring the beauty of the great outdoors in for the clients we serve. We get so caught up in the day-to-day, that getting outside and communing with nature isn’t always possible. Indoor plants are amazing because they help to filter the air, leading to better air quality, and studies show that they also help to enhance mood.

Wall Gardens – Combining Beauty, Health and Happiness at Home

Add to that the noise reduction quality they provide, and who wouldn’t want to bring all of those benefits to their home? The problem with plants, however, is that you have to place them in the right sunlight, be diligent about watering them, and keep a close eye. For most of us, if we had that kind of time, we would just be outdoors getting some fresh air. That is why our preserved gardens, which are virtually maintenance-free, are a perfect solution – you get all the advantages without the upkeep.

Natural Growth Art Piece – Combining Beauty, Health and Happiness at Home

We were honored to be able to bring all of those benefits to our clients in Hoboken, NJ who commissioned us to create wall garden art in their home for their family and friends to enjoy. They hired us to design a three by five-foot garden to make a homey, yet bold, statement in their living room. For this project, we planned to design a natural growth art piece with Flat moss, Bun moss, ferns, leaves, mushrooms, and Manzanita branch.

Contemporary and Crisp Fresh Lines

We started with a very contemporary and crisp light wood frame and then began placing various pieces to create texture and appeal. The mushrooms added a special uniqueness to the piece with leaves and branches cascading forward and outside of the well-defined frame, to mimic the free-flowing feel that Mother Nature provides.

Each Piece Plays Their Part to Create a Symphony

The piece has an assortment of different hues, each presenting their representation of nature, but combining just like a symphony. And the colors of the mushrooms help to strategically pull the wood color from the frame for a perfectly, imperfect look.

Thank You for the Honor – We Hope you Will Enjoy it for Years to Come

We love it when we can create something for families that will be included in their everyday lives, as they grow and build memories, and also, a lasting impression that will live on for generations. We hope that it is everything that you dreamed of and more and that you enjoy it for years to come.