Are Preserved Walls and Maintenance-Free Wall Gardens the Same?

Are Preserved Walls and Maintenance-Free Wall Gardens the Same?

Nov 11, 2020

Preserved walls gardens are unique and beautiful and not a whole lot of artists specialize in their creation. That is why we love what we do because we are able to design some really amazing things for our clients and think outside the box. We are sometimes asked if maintenance-free wall gardens differ from preserved wall gardens, and although it isn’t as euphemistic of a word, in practical terms, they are the same.

Maintenance-Free Wall Gardens

There are two types of wall gardens, live wall gardens and preserved wall or maintenance-free wall gardens. The major difference between the two is just as the name applies. A live wall garden consists of plants and flowers that are alive and blooming. The walls are built with irrigation and the walls are strategically placed so that they get enough sunlight to grow, bloom and prosper. They are absolutely beautiful and offer a wealth of mental and physical wealth to the indoor environment surrounding them.

Maintenance-free wall or preserved wall gardens differ because they do not require an irrigation system. They are completely maintenance-free, meaning that they do not need to be watered. And another advantage that they have is that they can be placed anywhere indoors without having to worry about having enough sunlight to thrive. They also don’t need to be tended to or maintained with pruning and other gardening tactics to keep them healthy.

Do Maintenance-Free Walls and Live Wall Gardens Provide the Same Benefits?

Both maintenance-free wall and live wall gardens are an excellent way to bring the outdoors in. Studies show that communing with nature is an excellent way to boost morale, and it works as a natural mood enhancer. So they are both great energy and health motivators in business and living areas. They also both act as natural air filters, purifying the air and improving indoor air quality. And perhaps the best feature that they both provide is a unique texture to any indoor space. When you combine them with a company logo or a brand, it gives your business the “wow” factor that makes a huge impression.

So, Which is Right for you?

Both preserved walls and live wall gardens are a fantastic way to add a whole lot of pizzazz to a space. And they both provide the benefits of health and wellness. If you are looking for something that basically maintains itself for the long-term and requires very little upkeep or cost, then a preserved wall garden is going to be your best bet. And if you don’t want to be limited by where you can place the wall due to sunlight and natural light restrictions, then a preserved wall garden is the best option.

So, we hope that clears up the confusion about the differences between maintenance-free walls, preserved walls, and living wall gardens. We would love to come and take a look at your vision and help you build a wall that is right for what you are looking to achieve. Contact us today to get started.