Teaming up With Beth Donner to Decorate Umberto’s Pizza With A Preserved Wall Garden

Teaming up With Beth Donner to Decorate Umberto’s Pizza With A Preserved Wall Garden

Dec 17, 2020

We love what we do at Naturalist because we get to meet great people, and, sometimes, pair with some really amazing and talented designers. One such designer that we recently got to work alongside was Beth Donner, and her assistants Mario and Mary. We were all commissioned to help design Umberto’s Pizza in Massapequa Park, and are so proud of what we all worked to achieve.

Touch of “the Wild” – Our Preserved Wall Garden Art

Building off of Beth’s design of a casual, yet contemporary, dining room, our mission was to add a touch of “the wild”. Our featured piece was made from green hues mixed in with some orange details to pull out the deep wood grains on the surrounding tables. The natural wood frame was also matched to pull from the dark-rich tones of the flooring, which makes the restaurant feel crisp, clean, and neat.

Whimsical Swirls to Lighten the Mood

The total dimensions of the preserved wall art piece are five by five feet. And we used a mixture of Ball Moss, Reindeer Moss, Flat Moss, and Provence Moss. We added a whimsical swirl to bring out the charming decor of the surrounding tables, exposed wood ceilings, and patina downlights prominently guiding your eye from the front of the restaurant to the back. We were really impressed by the way that it all pulled together to make it a very eco-friendly space.

Natural Noise Absorption

The dining room is open and airy, which only enhances the natural flow and feel of the space itself. And the wall art will help to absorb some of the noise, and also to lighten the mood of patrons sitting nearby. It is always great when we can learn things from other designers, and Beth’s attention to every fine detail really helped to bring it, and us, all together.

Thank you Umberto’s Pizza for allowing us to decorate your new establishment. Our hope is that your guests will not only enjoy your amazing pizza, but also the ambiance and decor that makes it feel homey and welcoming. And thank you Beth for once again stunning us with your amazing talent. We hope to combine our designs on another project sometime soon!