Work from Home? Let Nature In!

Work from Home? Let Nature In!

Feb 12, 2021

Lately, almost everyone has started working from home. This has its positive as well as negative sides. Nevertheless, if you turn your homeroom into your office, you can start enjoying fully all the benefits work from home has to offer. However, we must admit that one of the biggest downsides of working from home is being less outside, in nature. But don’t you worry, we have a perfect solution for you! Sit back and relax, and find out how to let nature into your home!

Why is contact with nature so important?

Exposure to nature might be essential for human wellbeing. People are suggested to have an inherent urge to connect with nature and other forms of life. Contact with nature may help reduce feelings of stress, restore the capability to concentrate and listen, and boost the mood. Certainly, experimental researches have actually observed that study participants had an improved state of mind, more self-esteem, and a reduced degree of tension when they were subjected to natural environments. Relating to longitudinal exposure, epidemiological research studies observed that a raised long-lasting direct exposure to green spaces is related to boosted psychological health. After reading the previous paragraph, you must be thinking — how can I elevate my home office with nature? Well, if you would like to make your home office your own little heaven on Earth, we recommend using resin wood furniture. Its all-natural look combined with the mesmerizing appeal epoxy resin gives it, will make you feel like you are in your very own Garden of Eden. And wouldn’t we all like to have a relaxing office like that?

What is resin?

Synthetic Resin is a plastic-like material made during a process called polymerization. What determines the quality of the resin is the choice of chemicals and quantity. Along with the base material chemicals, additives are incorporated as well in the material itself. The main reasoning behind it is to add color, versatility, and to enable the resin to resist ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light weakens plastics quicker than any other exterior factor. 

What kind of resin material is used for furniture?

There are various kinds of resin materials that are used for producing furniture. These materials are made of polyester, polyamides, polyurethanes, epoxies, silicones, polyethylene, acrylics, or polystyrene. Each one of them has its own unique qualities as well its utilization purpose.  Up until recently, resin furniture was known only for its synthetic wicker types of furniture and longer-lasting alternative to plastic chairs and tables. Fortunately, the new design has emerged, and of course, we are talking about these mesmerizing pieces of furniture which are produced by blending resin with wood or other materials to create detailed and organic types and patterns. There is something so captivating about epoxy resin wood furniture;no one can resist its charms! Whether it is the water-look or the natural wooden colors that make you feel like you’re in the woods, this piece of furniture has what it takes to make you feel like you are in your very own natural oasis. The perfect combination of the earthly colors combined with green and blue tones has that calming and peaceful effect no other type of material can match. You can be sure that once you walk into your home office, you will be fully ready to tackle all the daily tasks. We can guarantee you that!

What is resin wood furniture actually?

Do you know about those beautiful river epoxy resin tables which everyone dreams of? Well, that is one of the examples of new resin furniture designs that have taken over the furniture market. Continue reading, and find out more about this trend.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin material represents a top-quality synthetic resin that was initially developed for the aerospace industry. With its one-of-a-kind mechanical characteristics and wonderful optical buildings, it makes a classy and captivating ingredient when utilized in contemporary high-end furnishings. Even though epoxy is a tough material, it actually has a delicate, clear-water look. Utilized as a coating for a wood slab table, particularly a walnut epoxy table, it boosts the product’s all-natural color, grain, and appearance.

Why is epoxy resin wood furniture so popular?

There are a variety of benefits to utilizing epoxy resin for your wooden furniture. It’s durable, moisture, and flame-resistant, and has the ability to handle most kinds of chemical reactions as well. The special feature of these furniture pieces made from wood, as well as epoxy resin, is that they can not be designated to any kind of design style, whereas, at the same time, they can appeal to extremely different furniture styles. Both enthusiasts of wood furnishings and people that prefer the modern-day design are equally enchanted by this type of epoxy resin furniture. When it comes to manufacturing epoxy resin wood outdoor furniture, sky’s the limit, literally! From the most exotic variants with brilliant colors and frameworks and elegant style, to a lot more traditional, tidy layouts, with neutral or more transparent colors, virtually anything is possible. If you would like to become a proud owner of this exquisite piece of furniture, we can build for you your very own custom epoxy resin office furniture. You can design your very own office desk and other furniture. In order to guarantee that our epoxy resin furniture is of the finest quality, we have perfected manufacturing and pioneered the manufacturing technology. 

Why should you buy resin furniture for your home office?

The practice of integrating nature and natural elements into the built environment — referred to as biophilic layout — has been shown to measurably reduce tension, boost cognitive functions and creativity, improve our well-being, and accelerate healing. Biophilic design is not a visual overindulgence. However, it’s a crucial approach to boost human health and wellness, ecological resilience, and the bottom line. The biophilic layout is not only good for humans but also fundamentally promotes eco-sustainable techniques. Considering that the major purpose of biophilic layout is to connect humans with nature, higher environmental recognition, as well as stewardship, are most likely to adhere to. Our resin furniture can easily turn into perfect office setup which will help you achieve a biophilic layout. Consequently, you will be more relaxed and, at the same time, fully focused on your work. If you feel that resin furniture is a good start but still not enough to do the trick, take a look at our collection of Preserved Garden Walls and choose the most appropriate one for your home office!

How do you protect and clean your epoxy resin wood furniture?

In order to maintain your epoxy resin wood furniture, you need to understand exactly how to clean it properly. Consequently, by implementing the right techniques, you can prolong the durability of your new garden furniture. Never ever scrub your epoxy resin wood furniture! This material hardens rather quickly but too much heat or friction can make epoxy resin soften. This is why it’s crucial to be mindful when cleaning this type of surface. When cleansing any type of food or beverage discolorations off of this surface, use a soft towel. Epoxy resin wood tables should only be buffed with moderate force and speed. If you should notice any kind of food stuck on it, or that the stain is textured, gently rub the epoxy resin with a soft brush and get rid of the fragment. Finish the cleaning procedure by buffing that specific spot. Secondly, you should never ever use alcohol to get rid of those stubborn coffee stains, unless you actually want to remove the epoxy resin from your furniture. Someone might have told you that alcohol is the best way to clean these types of furniture, but you shouldn’t listen to them. If you put alcohol on your epoxy resin table, it will dissolve the resin to a specific extent, and you will end up with a ruined piece of furniture! Cleaning and removing stains from this type of material is not similar to any kind of surface area. If you would like to cleanse your dining furniture surfaces, basic soap and water are sufficient to obtain the epoxy material clean. When it comes to keeping your epoxy resin wood furniture in sun-filled rooms, you should take some precautions. If you live in an especially sunny area, use some sort of shade, like a curtain, to keep your furniture safe from the direct sunlight because,unfortunately, it would get discolored due to harsh sunlight. Hence, it would develop a brown tan color. For the purpose of cleaning these types of stains, simple soap and water won’t do the trick. You can use the same bleaching products you use for your laundry to get rid of this type of discoloration. But be careful! Utilizing bleach can soften your epoxy resin furniture, so make sure you use it with extra care. Read on carefully, and we will tell you how to implement this trick! When it comes to cleaning discolored epoxy material, you should first add some water to your bleach solution, so it won’t be so harsh on your furniture. Secondly, use a cotton swab instead of simple cotton cloth. Proceed with gentle buffing of the affected area and repeat the process until you notice the discoloration fading away. You will have to be extremely patient and focused while doing this, so you don’t end up with even more discolored patterns on your furniture’s surface areas.  One of the easiest ways to clean your epoxy resin wood outdoor furniture is to use steam cleaning. As we already mentioned, heat and water do not affect epoxy resin, so you can even use your clothes steamer for the purpose of cleaning it. Just use it directly on the surface of your table and let the steam dissolve the stains. Afterward, use a simple cloth to clean away the residue.  If your cleaning surface area is quite large, you might get bored using a simple clothes steamer, since it will take up more of your time. If you do not have time to clean your epoxy resin furniture, you can buy a bigger one that is used to clean floorings and other larger areas. This tool will speed up your cleaning process, and save you precious time! Our last advice for you is to remove the stains from your furniture before they actually set in! The best way to maintain your epoxy resin wood furniture is to make sure that the surface areas are cleaned after every usage. Regular simple cleaning with mild soap, water, and a cotton cloth will keep your furniture looking brand new at all times! You will agree with us that it is better to be safe than sorry. Preventive maintenance is always a better choice than having to deal with costly reparations. After each beverage spill or food stain, clean it immediately, and prolong the lifespan of your unique outdoor furniture! 


Hopefully, we have helped you discover new ideas for remodeling your home office. As you can see, from all the facts stated above, resin wood furniture makes a perfect choice for your home office! It will let nature in, and make you feel like you never left it!  You can say that there aren’t any cons at all to our resin furniture.  Resin furniture is an immensely unique, eye-catching type of furniture which will make you feel like you’re one with nature! Furthermore you don’t have to invest a lot of your time to keep it clean and make it last a lifetime!  Contact us today, and let’s start making your little home office oasis!