How To Make Your Business Stand Out With Green Signs

How To Make Your Business Stand Out With Green Signs

ep 29, 2021

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s crucial to stand out from the competition. While most businesses know this, sometimes they struggle to find a way to make their brand shine and be rightfully presented to their clients, customers but also to their employees. If this is the case with you, and you’re wondering how you can elevate the image of your company, then you’re in the right place. Today we will introduce a wonderful solution that can support and boost your business and brand and give it a unique and unforgettable vibe. We are talking about green signs! 

What Are Green Signs? 

Green signs are plant installations that incorporate your business logo, business name, or message. They are made out of living or preserved plants and can be shaped into the most amazing designs. Some of the common plants we use in our preserved green signs are Reindeer Moss or Lichen, Flat Moss, and Bun Moss but we also love to spice it up with some ferns and twigs, depending on the vision we have for a specific project. Usually, a green sign will include a wooden frame, various plants, and custom lettering. You can use them indoors and outdoors and get creative with their placement so you can best accentuate your space and call attention to your logo or a message you’d like to send. At Naturalist we have a whole team of designers, horticulturists, and installers who work together in order to make your dreams come true and come up with a sign that is the best representation of your brand. 

What Are The Benefits Of Green Signs?

There are innumerable benefits that come with introducing a green sign into your space. Some of them include the following: 

  • Green Signs Boost the Aesthetic Of Your Space

Whether your business is a restaurant, a car dealership, or a software company, your visitors, clients, and employees will enjoy a beautiful environment. If there will be customers coming into your place of business on a regular basis, regardless of you offering products or services, you must make sure that you include the appropriate interior design elements that will make them feel comfortable. Ensuring your business space incorporates the right colors, textures, and decor will persuade the clients to do business with you which means you will increase your profits, but also skyrocket customer satisfaction. 
Aesthetics are not just about looks, they can help us relax, improve our mood, and even productivity. A functional yet visually pleasing space is more likely to get us returning customers and happy workers. In today’s world, people don’t just want a product, and employees value much more than just a paycheck. They want to enjoy themselves, they want to immerse themself into your company for an unforgettable experience. A green sign can help you achieve that. They bring a unique kind of charm to any space, so you can make sure that your business or office is as visually pleasing as it is productive and successful. 

  • Green Signs Are A Memorable First Impression 

First impressions are everything and often it is hard or almost impossible to change them. This is why your first introduction to someone needs to make a bang. The notion and feeling that people are left with after first coming into contact with your brand are what is going to influence the entire relationship that you can potentially build with them. Having one of a kind space that gets your message across directly and impactfully is what is going to keep them coming back. Installing a green sign inside or outside your business or office place is a surefire way to attract some attention and keep it! The lush and green logo will capture the looks and intrigue your visitors, and more often than not, it will get them talking. And we all know keeping the buzz alive around your brand is priceless. 

  • Green Signs Increase Brand Visibility 

Getting noticed in the hustle and bustle of the modern-day is no small feat. Our attention spans are shortening and people are becoming increasingly more difficult to impress. If you are looking for a way to bring some attention to your business, you need to make sure it stands out. There are many ways successful businesses maintain and promote their unique values but as always, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a well-designed and visually breathtaking green sign is a sight to behold. It’s hard to miss such a stunning piece of installation that proudly boasts a logo or a message no matter where you put it. Adding a green sign to your office or company place, especially if your business depends a lot on walk-in customers is a winning tactic. Draw more customers and watch your business bloom alongside your mesmerizing green sign. 

  • Green Signs Are Good For The Environment 

If your company or office follows the green living principles and supports similar initiatives, you’ll be happy to know that adding a green sign will further keep up this mission. Made with wooden frames, with responsibly sourced living or preserved plants, green signs are eco-friendly and non-polluting solutions to beautifying your space. Green signs, often accompanied by green walls, are a wonderful way to refresh an indoor space and cleanse it of chemical pollutants. As we all know, plants increase oxygen levels and purify the air we breathe. They can clean the air and rid it of many harmful chemicals that are often found in our offices. Talk about looks and function! Green signs are excellent in outdoor spaces too. In fact, some countries have included green walls beside highways to help reduce the toxic fuel emissions and air pollution brought on by traffic. Not only is this good for the environment, but also, putting a green sign near a high traffic area will definitely bring more awareness to your brand and provide some incredible marketing. 

  • Green Signs Help You Connect With Nature

As human beings, we feel a deep and unyielding connection to nature and a call to return to it. In our modern environments, the hustle and bustle of big cities and what seems to be constant noise, rush, and stress, reconvening with nature seems to be imperative. Though we don’t always have a time or opportunity to escape our towns and go to the forest, lake, or sea, we do have other ways to reconnect with nature, even from the comforts of our own homes and business spaces. Inviting nature inside with a green sign can be beneficial in so many ways. Not only are they excellent marketing materials, but they create a soothing and revitalizing environment for us and our clients and employees. The calming green colors and interesting textures can be a sight for sore eyes and while gazing upon them we will be reminded that everything will be well. Isn’t this a feeling you would love your customers to associate with your business? We sure would! 

  • Green Signs Are Low Maintenance 

Sure, bringing nature inside sounds delightful you’re thinking, but what about the maintenance? What about the constant worry and care that most plants require? Well, you’ll be happy to know that most green signs don’t require any maintenance whatsoever. After the installation, these beautiful works of art will not need any direct sunlight, irrigation systems, or soil. And what’s more, they also won’t attract any bugs. Once they are set up, the green signs only require you to enjoy them and reap all the benefits that they bring. Completely stress-free, they are ideal for busy environments and offices. In most cases, you would be able to delight in your sign for up to 3-5 years if not more! A worthy investment, we’re sure you’d agree. 

Where Can You Use Green Signs?

So, you’re sold on the idea of green signs but you’re wondering if they are right for your space? Where, after all, can you use them? Should they be inside or outside? And do you even have enough room for one? Well, we’re glad you asked because we’ve got the answers. 
Inside Or Outside? 
As we’ve mentioned before, green signs can be placed both indoors and outside. The question you should be asking yourself is where do you most benefit from placing the sign. What are your goals for it? Do you want to attract attention and entice more walk-ins? Do you want to place a sort of living, green billboard in a prominent place in town? Do you want to jazz up the interior of your office or business space? The answers to these questions will help you decide where the best placement will be. Obviously, if you’re trying to call attention to your place and have more people stop by, you should put a green sign in front of your shop or business. If you want to create an instagrammable interior and an overall pleasant experience inside your establishment, then you can place a sign indoors, perhaps with a positive and brand-related message. 
Do You Have Enough Room For A Green Sign?
If you’re wondering if you can even fit a green sign into your place, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to worry. These stunning installations can be made custom, following your exact dimension specifications and interior design needs. They can be span the entire wall or be a more modest size. They can even be the size of a larger painting. Working with a skilled team will ensure that all of your desires are taken into account and that the sign is designed to fit like a glove, not only size-wise but aesthetically as well. The expert horticulturists and designers will advise if it’s better to have a larger sign or perhaps a few smaller ones as well as where in the room they would look best. It’s truly important to collaborate with a company you trust and that understands your needs when it comes to adding a green sign into your environment. 

Who Can Benefit From A Green Sign?

Before, we’ve stated the many incredible benefits of green signs, but you must be wondering, who can benefit from them? Are they suitable for my business? The answer is quite simple, everyone! Any business can boost its appeal and invite some necessary positive attention with the help of a green sign. So far, we’ve had the pleasure of installing them in many different establishments, including gyms, various office spaces, doctor’s offices, banks, and even talk shows! There are no limits to the imagination and creativity of our team and so there are no limits to who can benefit from our magnificent installations! 

Green Signs For Shops

If you are running a shop of any kind, we’re sure you’re always trying to find adequate ways to promote it and to make it more appealing to customers. Creating an inviting space can help you get your clients comfortable, it can inspire trust and showcase the style, class, and values of your brand. All of this will inevitably lead to a positive customer experience and your business’s success. There are many different kinds of shops and just as many different kinds of green signs. So not to worry, there is going to be a sign that is right just for you. Whether you choose to put the sign in front of your shop or inside, to embellish the wonderful establishment where you serve your customers, it will be a smashing success. Our team has had the pleasure to work on many signs for various companies. Some of our favorites include the Dental House and Wonder Photo Shop. Following are examples of the work and designs we created to help promote and revitalize these brands. 

Dental House Green Sign
For the purposes of this project, our wonderful team worked closely with Dental House and designed a magnificent, green sign with their logo that is now displayed proudly at the shop. It was our intention to make a stunning piece of lush and leafy art that will astonish their visitors and make them forget all about the fear of the dentist! We used contrasting colors and textures to come up with a beautiful 3D effect that accentuates the Dental House logo. The chosen plants for this green sign were Flat Moss, Reindeer Moss, Hedera, Brunia, Bear Grass, and Bun Moss. Placed in a 6’H x 6’W frame, this logo sign now helps soothe and create a peaceful ambiance for the employees and clients of this sweet Manhattan dentist shop. 



Wonder Photo Shop Green Sign
Photo shops are a place where visual aesthetics is always on demand and highly appreciated. So naturally, they would want a shop that reflects their work and values accurately. Greeting customers who are coming into their space with a lush and gorgeous green sign is a sure way to grab their attention and offer a place where customers feel invigorated and inspired. Our team of horticulturists, designers, and installers worked hard and closely with the Wonder Photo Shop owners to make a living sign that will suit their exact needs and style. We built a rich and mesmerizing piece that consists of various plants that bring out the best in each other. Combining exciting colors and textures, like these reds and beautiful, vibrant ferns makes for a unique and charming installation that will no doubt leave an impression.



Green Signs For Bars, Cafes, And Restaurants 

Whether you are trying to establish your brand or create an instagrammable space, green signs are just the thing that can help you. The visuals and interior design are crucial if you want your place to get noticed on social platforms, especially Instagram. Having a photo-worthy restaurant or cafe, will put you on the map and introduce you to a ton of potential new customers through tags. But green signs are more than just easy on the eyes. Their eco-friendly nature and sustainability will throw a spotlight on you and attract customers with similar values. Nowadays, it’s not enough to serve just good food and drinks, you have to serve an experience. And customers love experiencing and relating to brands that are close to their own hearts and principles. 
Cafe Green Sign
Here is a wonderful example of our work and a charming green sign in a cafe. Created with a lot of attention to detail in mind and through close collaboration with the cafe owners, this sign was a hit! Not only do the customers love it, but the employees thoroughly enjoy it as well. This is also a perfect example that shows that bigger is not always better and that your green sign can be humble in size but boast tremendous visual power. Simple, petite, and clean this sign is a magnificent addition to the cafe space.



Bubble Waffle Green Sign
As we’ve mentioned before, green signs don’t always have to be a logo or brand motto, sometimes you can use them to send a message to your customers. The Bubble Waffle green sign states ‘love you’ and we’re sure the customers of this fine ice cream shop can feel the warm and fuzzy feelings when they look at it. Aside from sending a darling message, this sign is also a great photo opportunity and will no doubt be trending on Insta. This beautiful sign was made out of Preserved ivy, hedera leaves, and springier and they come together wonderfully and contrast and embellish the clean white walls. Playful and fluffy, the letters will steal the visitors’ attention and make them enjoy the sweet Bubble Waffle experience even more profoundly. 



Green Signs For Offices 

Lately, more and more companies have been working on making their offices sustainable and more in line with the principles of biophilic design in order to boost health and efficiency. In the past two years, during the pandemic, we’ve all been more focused on our wellbeing and self-care and this doesn’t end with our return to the offices. Creating pleasant, positive, and therefore more productive work environments is the next challenge many companies are facing. This starts with going back to our roots. Back to nature. We’ve written extensively on the many benefits of biophilic design in our previous article, but it’s important to mention it once again. Workplaces can make the most out of these principles by introducing something as simple and as beautiful as a green sign into their workplace. Not only will they affirm company image and brand, make their office visually appealing and enticing for potential employees but they will create a space that exudes calm energy and radiates positivity. Known to combat stress and increase productivity, natural elements are an excellent addition to any office. Following are some of our favorite examples of green signs we’ve created for office spaces. 
Ignitia Green Sign 
Ignitia’s green sign is a beautiful creation by our team consisting of the company logo on a beautiful black background laid atop a bed of incredible, vibrant plants. Flat Moss, Reindeer Moss, Hedera, Parchment Fern, Broom, and Beargrass come together stunningly in this piece and really revitalize the entire space. The visitors and employees of Ignitia can now enjoy a relaxed and modern environment on their breaks and reconnect with nature before returning to work. A wonderful representation of the company’s style and brand, this green sign solidifies the morale and helps keep up the spirits, no matter the circumstances. 



Arrive Logistics Green Sign

As you can see by these beautiful happy faces, Arrive Logistics green sign was welcomed with a lot of joy and excitement. We are proud we had the opportunity to work with this wonderful company and to create a living sign that will bring some nature inside this office. We used moss variations, including Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss to create a gorgeous background for the Arrive Logistics logo and we think it carries it exquisitely. 



Get Your Own Green Sign Today! Hire Naturalist. 

If you’re ready to attract more customers and create a relaxing and beautiful environment in your shop, business space, or office, contact Naturalist. We are ready and eager to help you let nature inside by designing a green sign just for you. With no maintenance to worry about and a one-of-a-kind look, Naturalist green signs are just the thing you need to elevate your commercial space to a whole other level. Let’s talk and see how we can make it happen!