Mesmerizing Vertical Garden Ideas To Inspire You

Mesmerizing Vertical Garden Ideas To Inspire You

Sep 1, 2021

There is nothing like waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and gazing upon calming greenery while you sip your morning coffee. Being surrounded by nature has many benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. But if you are living in an apartment or a home without a garden or you’re stuck in a dull office all day, getting your nature fix can be tricky. This is why vertical gardens are an incredible solution that can revitalize your space and help you bring nature indoors. 
Finding creative ways to incorporate natural elements and plants into our environments is what Naturalist is all about, so we’re loving the growing popularity of vertical gardens! In this article, we will show you why we’re obsessed with vertical gardens and how you can use them in your home and office space!

What Is A Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardens are essentially vertical planters filled with abundant plants that can be freestanding or wall-mounted. Gardeners and horticulturists are finding incredible ways to let their imagination shine when creating vertical gardens of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen and created many variations of vertical wall gardens and green walls, so we can say without a shadow of a doubt that they can find their place in any space. From outstanding lush living walls to smaller indoor wall gardens, there’s always a way to let nature in! 

Indoor Vertical Garden

If you’re wondering how to make a vertical garden indoors, you’re in luck! Naturalist Interiors team specializes in bringing to life the most alluring wall gardens you can imagine. Whether you prefer living wall gardens or wall gardens made out of preserved moss and plants, we can come up with a solution that will take your breath away. 
If you’re more of the DIY type and you’re wondering “which plants would you suggest for vertical gardening?”, our team is happy to help. Since we love to leave our clients with a stress-free garden, we often choose preserved plants or plants that are low maintenance and don’t require direct sunlight. Some of our favorite plants to work with are Flat moss, Reindeer Moss, Provance Moss, Hedera Plant, Bun Moss, Parchment Fern, Broom, Beargrass, etc. 

What Are The Advantages Of Growing A Vertical Garden? 

Vertical gardens are a marvelous way to invite nature inside and add a pop of color to any space. Unlike potted plants that can take up valuable space, vertical gardens can be placed on a wall leaving you with sufficient room for other decorations. This can be incredibly useful if you live in a smaller home or apartment or if your office is compact. 
Another advantage of vertical gardens is that they are relatively low maintenance. Naturalist vertical gardens require no soil, no irrigation system, and no direct sunlight. They also don’t attract bugs so all you have to do is simply enjoy them! The lifespan of our lush and leafy wall gardens can be up to 5 years! Yes, that’s 5 years of gorgeous greenery you don’t have to fuss over!

Why Are Vertical Gardens Important?

Incorporating nature into our homes and workspaces has never been more imperative. We’ve recently discussed the importance of biophilic design and how we can use wall gardens and nature-inspired furniture to help us reconnect with the environment. The countless benefits of communing with nature have come to our attention now more than ever, in this time of pandemic and increased stress. According to research, something as simple as adding a vertical garden into your home or office can help reduce anxiety, prevent mental fatigue, and boost focus and productivity. 
Another emerging question, amid the ecological crisis, is “can vertical gardens be a solution to pollution?”. Considering the number of unhealthy gasses that are released into our atmosphere every day, many think that integrating outdoor vertical gardens into our cities can make an immense difference. Some cities, like Mexico, have already started implementing them in the most amazing ways. We are truly inspired and support this initiative wholeheartedly. 

Vertical Garden Ideas For Your Home 

Helping our clients reconnect with nature with the help of our stunning wall gardens is our labor of love and true passion. Our team creates custom masterpieces for each and every home, taking into consideration our customers’ wishes, space, and budget. We work meticulously from design to installation, paying special attention to the details to make sure the vertical gardens are picture perfect and ready to elicit a smile on their new owners’ faces every time they see them. Following are some of our favorite residential vertical gardens that we’ve had the pleasure to construct. 

Residential Moss Vertical Garden 

Naturalist team created a gorgeous moss vertical garden for a residential house in W Hotel Residences. We chose Bun Moss for this wall garden thinking the incredible green color would add a luxurious look to this space and pair well with the dark wood frames. We carefully took into consideration the design of this space and its furniture when choosing the plants and the garden frame. As always, we aimed to achieve a cohesive look that blends into the atmosphere of the room without being overlooked. We think we succeeded! The place looks alive and more vibrant than ever! 



Outdoor Lush Vertical Garden Wall 

Producing enchanting biophilic design-inspired gardens for our customers is a dream come true for us. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to create an outdoor vertical garden wall in Boca Raton FL! We decided to use UV-protected artificial plants as well as Flat Moss, Reindeer Moss, Hedera, Brunia, Bear Grass, and Bun Moss. The highly textured and colorful wall garden ended up looking spectacular. Purple plants added a beautiful contrast to the variations of green and the lovely ferns were there to add a gorgeous dimension to this piece. 



Elegant Vertical Garden In A Residential Home

This Long Island home is now richer and more vibrant thanks to a Naturalist vertical garden. Yet another project we are incredibly proud of. Working together with the clients and designers we came up with the perfect solution for this elegant home. Our team created a marvelous garden using Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, and Manzanita Branches. The whimsical feel of the garden was accomplished by interweaving the interesting textures and colors of these plants. Once again, we managed to invite nature into another home following the principles of biophilic design and we’re thrilled the owners will soak up all the benefits. 



Artistic Vertical Garden In A Residential Home

If you love textured gardens and pops of color, then you will be enchanted by this project. We designed a magnificent vertical garden for a home in NY, taking inspiration from ornate framed paintings and lush flower vases our grandmothers loved to collect. This framed vertical wall garden was perfect to complete our client’s interior design and bring the place to life. Using a variety of textured plants, including moss, ferns, and even preserved mushrooms, we achieved a gorgeous contexture that really refreshed the white walls. 



Charming Vertical Garden Idea For Your Home

Naturalist team is honored when we get the opportunity to help make your house a home and invite some natural elements in. Recently we had the pleasure of designing vertical gardens for a home in Hoboken. We decided to use a mix of Reindeer Moss, Bun Moss, Flat moss, Nicoly, Hedera, and Populus to bring new life and add some interest to this house. We experimented with the colors and textures and came up with a gorgeous solution, in our distinctive Naturalist fashion. The unique framed vertical gardens were a win and we’re thrilled we once again fulfilled our clients’ dreams. 



Vertical Garden Ideas For Your Office Space

There are many incredible benefits to adding plants and natural elements into your workspace. Research has shown that following the principles of biophilic design at work can help boost morale and productivity resulting in happier employees and a more efficient team. Vertical gardens are excellent solutions for office spaces. Just a glance at their magnificent greenery has the power to increase creativity and ease stress. And not only that, an added benefit to having indoor gardens is that they help purify the air and increase humidity. If you’d like to add a wow factor into your office, we suggest you consider vertical wall gardens. Following are some examples of our favorite vertical garden ideas for offices. 

Simplicity At Its Best – Vertical Garden Office Idea

This stunning conference room is the epitome of simple and understated elegance and we’re glad our vertical garden could contribute to it. We created a gorgeous piece using only Reindeer Moss. The benefits of this beautiful, deep green plant are not only visual, but it also has good sound-absorbing properties and it’s a natural humidity indicator! Stella Rising Media conference room is now ready for work, looking fresher than ever!



Maintenance-Free Vertical Gardens For Offices

We created this vibrant vertical garden for an office space in Atlanta, GA, inspired by the company story and with the desire to help them incorporate nature into their workplace. New Relic is a modern company bringing modern solutions for DevOps and we wanted to design fresh-looking and fuss-free wall gardens to help decorate the area around their elevators and throughout the office space. We choose stunning moss with different textures and depths of color as well as ming, hedera, Populus, near grass, and coculus. These maintenance-free wall gardens were a hit with employees and are now a favorite place where they relax and catch up on their breaks. 



Lush and Leafy Vertical Garden Design For Offices 

Naturalist team has worked on many design projects for vertical gardens for offices. One of our favorites was the Pega Systems wall garden project. We created an exuberant piece using Flat Moss, Hedera Leaves, Diosmi, and Pittosporum in a 5’ x 7’ frame. The combination of these plants created a beautiful dimensional garden that is a welcome sight for tired eyes and a perfect place where Pega Systems employees can gather their thoughts in between tasks. Thanks to our stunning work of art vertical garden, everyone can now soak up the benefits of biophilic design and feel recharged while doing their job. 



Moss Vertical Garden For An Office Space

With our custom vertical garden application, Ignita co-working space can now greet its guests with fresh energy and excitement. Our designers, horticulturists, and installers decided to use Flat Moss, Bun Moss, Reindeer Moss, Hedera Leaves, and Amarantus for this project and the results were enchanting. We’re sure all visitors of Ignita co-working space will appreciate the beneficial influence of natural elements and plants that we’ve incorporated into this design. Naturalist team is proud to contribute to their increased motivation, inspiration, and a sense of calm that will ensure they do amazing and efficient work. 



Iconic Vertical Gardens For The Workplace

Inviting green energy and elevating the design of office spaces is our specialty, and that’s exactly what we did at ICON offices. We created an incredible installation using Fern, Flat Moss, Provance Moss, Populus, Nicoly, and Hedera. Once again we designed a masterpiece blending many different textures and colors into a cohesive and appealing vertical garden. The idea was to give this space an accent that would match the company’s energy and we think we were successful! The ICON vibe is perfectly complemented with our fresh and bold wall garden design. 



Add A Majestic Vertical Garden To Your Home Or Office With Naturalist

If you too realize the benefits of biophilic design and would love to incorporate it into your home or office space, hire Naturalist today! Our goals and passion are to create incredible and enchanting vertical gardens that will help usher in nature inside! We are here to discuss your project and come up with the perfect solution for your needs. With our wall gardens and moss walls, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. They don’t require any soil, direct sunlight, or irrigation and they also don’t attract bugs. All you have to do with a Naturalist vertical garden is enjoy the view! Contact us today and let’s create your unique vertical garden.