The Benefits of Adding a Preserved Wall Garden to Your Office

The Benefits of Adding a Preserved Wall Garden to Your Office

For a company to be successful, they have to position themselves ahead of the competition and that comes with branding and marketing. Company culture is highly critical for most businesses looking to break into a new market or to retain their status in a current one. The best way to create buzz is to wow the customer. And for those who invite clients in, a preserved wall garden is an excellent way to make a statement about your company. But there are also many other benefits that come with adding a preserved wall garden.


Bring Nature Indoors

What science tells us is that communing with nature can help to enhance mood and make people happier and more motivated. Since working in an office is a necessity, bringing the great outdoors in, is an excellent way to cheer up the office environment and to create better health for everyone. Nature has also been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, which means a mentally healthier atmosphere for everyone.



Natural Insulation and Soundproofing

A preserved wall garden is a great buffer from the cold and heat outside. It works like insulation to help cut your overall energy bills. And it also works well for soundproofing. So it is a great way to section off the chaos of the office and to create a quiet workspace for people to focus and get things done.



Creating the Wow Factor you Desire

Wall gardens are anything but the norm. They not only are good for your employees; they create a big wow factor when you have people visiting the office. Nothing catches the eye more than a custom vertical wall garden that makes your space inviting, brings nature inside, and shows that you think outside of the box. Your clients will see your creativity, literally, from the moment they arrive. And a preserved wall garden is also a great conversation starter to get the ball rolling. A unique design that is one-of-a-kind will certainly make a significant impression on your clientele!
If you are ready to set your company or business apart from the competition, it starts by doing things differently. A preserved wall garden is not only a great asset to the psyche of your staff; it makes an incredible impression on your customers. Nothing says “we think creatively,” more than having a custom-made, beautifully lasting garden to buffer against stress, commune with nature, and to enhance productivity and happiness. Contact Naturalist today to start designing your custom wall garden!